Loggerhead turtles hatch at Oaks Beach

One of the benefits of living in the small coastal town of Burnett Heads is being able to walk to the beach and enjoy the sunrise all by yourself. Last week I was doing just that when 40 baby Loggerhead turtles decided to make an appearance!

Over the turtle nesting season (November – April), the Sea Turtle Alliance has a volunteer monitoring the beach. On this particular morning, while checking the nests in the dunes, the onsite volunteer noticed some little heads poking out of the sand. She commented that they must have overslept, as 6am is quite late for the turtles to attempt their journey to the sea. The Summer sun, grasses in the dunes and predators on the ground and from above make this trip a particularly dangerous one, so it was decided we’d assist these little guys down to the water. Watch our video below: 

This season has seen 89 turtles nest at Oaks Beach and with a few more months until the season is over, there is sure to be plenty of action on this beautiful stretch of sand. Oaks beach is an easy 10 minute walk from RV Oceanside, making this the ideal location for RV Oceanside residents to see nesting turtles and baby hatchlings in the wild. 

We are so fortunate to be able to experience this so close to home. RV Oceanside is committed to being low-glow and we have implemented range of light-limiting measures to ensure our village doesn’t impact on nesting turtles. Furthermore, ALL proceeds raised from the sale of our plush ‘Harvey’ turtle mascots go directly to the Sea Turtle Alliance (STA). You can read more about what STA do in the preservation and conservation of sea turtles by clicking here

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