RV Oceanside on board with Truck Friendly Program

When doing the ‘Big Lap’ there are two things you’re guaranteed to see every day – caravans and trucks. In fact, the latest Caravan and Campervan Data Report states that there are now over 600,000 caravans and over 65,000 campervans registered in Australia.

When Ken Wilson from the Truck Friendly Program approached us in March 2019 with his vision for the program, we could immediately see how beneficial it would be for the RV and Caravanning population. We immediately got to work with Ken, arranging the printing of 3000 large vehicle stickers, providing website support and, in conjunction with Bundaberg Regional Council, creating a flyer to explain the program.

The Truck Friendly Program has gone on to receive immense support from local governments, the trucking industry as well as the general public. In recognition of this, we have assisted Ken in producing a Truck Friendly ‘supporter’ sticker for trucks and light vehicles to display. 

RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Truck Friendly Program.

With many of our future residents spending significant time travelling, it’s very important to us that they enjoy their time on the road and then return home safely. In partnering with the Truck Friendly Program, we hope to spread awareness of the program and champion safe and courteous interactions between trucks and lighter vehicles on the road. If just one life is saved due to the Truck Friendly Program, then we truly believe our partnership is well worth the investment. We encourage everyone to become Truck Friendly.

You can find out more about the program and collect a supporter sticker, or register for a Truck Friendly sticker, from the RV Oceanside sales display at 31 Zunker Street, Burnett Heads. Visit www.truckfriendly.com.au for more.


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