Introducing Julie Williamson, Interior Design Specialist

When building a new home, choosing the best combination of colours, textures, fixtures and fittings has a huge impact on how your home looks and feels.  From light fittings to floor tiles and everything in between, it takes a lot of time and knowledge to ensure you get things just right!

RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside’s Interior Designer, Julie Williamson, has made the process that much easier and less stressful for you by creating a number of complete interior design schemes for all our homes. 

We asked Julie to answer some of our Home Owners’ questions when it comes to building and styling their new homes at RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside. 

Q: How do I choose between the different colour & fixtures schemes available?

JULIE: Ask yourself some simple questions first. How do you want to feel in your new home? What colours and materials are you most drawn to? What style of design best represents your personality? What elements of design bring you joy and make you feel safe, happy and calm? Once you have a vision, we can ask the more practical questions. Be honest with yourself about fixtures and fittings. Are you compulsively clean? How do feel about finger marks? Are you drawn to natural things or shiny and new? Do your prefer statement or modest handles? The look and feel is all about how you will experience your new home. Dig deep, what we surround ourselves with creates the story of our lives and in essence makes our house a home. Don’t get caught up in trend or taste… and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep it neutral.


Q: How do I make my current furniture work with a new house?

JULIE: Before choosing your interior design scheme you must decide whether you are going to buy new furniture or use what you currently own. Try to picture your existing furniture in your new home. What do you notice? Does it fit? Does it suit how you envision your new home to feel? Once you answer these questions you will need to make some decisions on what stays and what should go. If in doubt go with a scheme that is right for the furniture, even if it’s not your first choice. Darker schemes are more restrictive on what can be introduced in terms of furniture with lighter schemes being more neutral they allow for greater diversity. For those downsizing this doesn’t necessarily mean you require smaller furniture. As long as you allow yourself room for accessibility, furniture can take up a significant part of the room whilst providing comfort and functionality.


Q: What are the most popular trends at the moment in interiors?

JULIE: Up until recently, neutral colours have been favoured in the domestic heart of the home. With the ongoing desire for relaxation, 2018 has been a palette of earthy tones and floral accents, bringing a sense of the outdoors in. Matte black will continue to trend, not just reserved for fixtures and fittings but will extend to cabinetry and basins. The popular Scandinavian and Hamptons style will still have a place in people’s homes, but more of us will embrace and explore a colourful side to pull different feelings and emotions. 2019 is a bright year for home décor. Pastel is still at theme but now with bright pops of colour coming through like burnt orange and sage green. Living Coral has been named Pantones colour of the year, chosen for its connection and energy we get from nature. Do not be afraid of colour. If used cleverly with an earthy palette, unexpected pastel hues and bold splashes can define and create interest.


Q: I have some antiques that I can’t bear to part with. How do I make them work with all my newer furniture? 

JULIE: Having antiques doesn’t mean you can’t have a modern style as well.
Seemingly incompatible items can actually complement each other. Firstly, identify your hero key pieces that will set the tone for the interiors. You may find that these pieces clash or you might start to see a dialogue between them. Is there a common feature? Is the room formal or casual? The key is knowing which key pieces will work well and how you pull the whole look together, so it doesn’t look cluttered or disjointed. Try to avoid too many colours as this can add to the busy feeling. A lighter palette might not sit as comfortably from an aesthetic point of a view with an ornate antique. Darker antiques bring a rich ambience, evoking elegance and formality, ideal for people wanting to create atmosphere. However, have caution when layering dark furniture against dark floors and walls.


Q: What’s the difference between warm tones and cool tones? It begins with asking yourself how you want to feel in a space?

JULIE: Warm whites are inviting and versatile, whilst cooler tones work well with layers and adding warmth through texture. Warm tones create cosy, welcoming spaces ideal for relaxing. Whites have substance, with yellow undertones reflecting sunlight but can also have red / brown tints at the base. Cool tones are clean and crisp and give a feeling of airy, open well-lit spaces. The cooler you go with whites the more blue it will appear. With blue / grey undertones, cool tones are great for a costal, seaside feel. The simplicity of contemporary cool tones work beautifully accompanied by shades of blush, rattan and warm timbers to add a layer of relaxed aesthetic.


Q: What is the role of the interior designer in process of selecting my new home?

JULIE: Choosing an interior design scheme for something that doesn’t yet exist is a difficult choice for anyone to make. However, it can be a truly wonderful experience as you get to visualise the look and feel of your space and are ultimately in control of the outcome. As a qualified, experienced and passionate Interior Design Director, I can assure you that careful consideration, research and preparation has been taken into each of the finishes, fittings and fixtures on display and comes with a high level of professional advice. If you already have a strong vision for your home, there is a scheme available that will help you achieve it. If you are less sure we can guide you through the design process, helping you formulate a vision along the way. The interior design and furnishing service is an added option that RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside provides. Our interior design services can provide you an initial consultation and interior design advice to select your scheme and optional partial or full furniture packages to furnish your new home. 

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